Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep a dumpster?

Answer: 10 days – $10 per day after the 10th day

What can I put into a dumpster?
What can I NOT put into a dumpster?

Answer: Asbestos, lead, mold, or any other hazardous materials. Paint cans. Can not mix debris.

Can I put tree stumps into a dumpster?

Answer: Yes.

How do I request an estimate?

Answer: Call our office or use the online form

Do you only demolish homes? Or can you demolish any freestanding structure?

Answer: No, we do not only demolish homes, we can demolish almost any free standing structure. We can remove foundation, driveways, sheds and much more.

I do not need my home demolished, but I am thinking of doing interior work like gutting my kitchen, do you guys do that?

Answer: Yes we can help you with interior selective demolition work.

After I received my estimate, how long is it good for?

Answer: Your estimate price is good for up to 6 months, but due to price fluctuation anything past 6 months will have to be looked over again to assure the price has not changed.

Once I have accepted a contract with you, how long until I can start the permit process?

Answer: As soon as you accept a contract with us, you are able to start the permitting and shut off process.

I am not sure of how to apply for permits or shut offs, is there anyone in your office that can help?

Answer: Yes, we have an office manager who is extremely experienced with the shut off and permitting process. She will be able to walk you through the process and apply for permits.

How long does the whole process of demolishing a house take?

Answer: Depending on the size of the home it can take anywhere from one to five days.

Do you excavate?

Answer: Yes.

Are you able to provide me with fill dirt?

Answer: Yes. You can call or email us for any questions about fill dirt.

Machine Demolition

Machine Demolition is the demolition of a building structure by use of a machine and a machine operator. Machine demolition can be the demolition of a residential home, commercial building, shed, etc.

Container Rentals

Container rentals include the container as well as the delivery of the container. One of our drivers will deliver the correct sized container on the day of you have set up with our dispatcher. Once filled the container will be picked up upon your request. Sizes & prices vary.

Timber Pile Driving

Timber pile driving is the driving of pilings into the ground by way of machine with a vibratory hammer attachment. This process is used for new homes being constructed in certain shore towns, you will be able to find out if you need to install timber pilings from your engineer.

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