Community Involvement 

Over the years Mike has involved himself in many philanthropic efforts, he firmly believes in giving back! Below are just two of our most recent organizations we have been involved with.

Philanthropic Efforts

The Avon Pond is a local pond that freezes over in the winter. The Avon Pond is a great source of community for the people of Avon-by-the-sea and brings a lot of fun during the winter season. When weather permits you can find people ice skating and playing hockey! Jacobs Demolition has involved itself with the assembling and disassembling of the Avon Pond!

Big hearts to Little hearts is an organization that raises funding for children with Congenital Heart disease. Currently CHD is the #1 birth defect-related killer, there is no cure, and there are 40 different types of this defect.

Jacobs Demolition has been involved with this organization for close to a decade, ever since of the birth of Mike’s cousin Cassidy whom was born with a defect herself. Jacobs Demolition has been an active supporter of Big Hearts to Little Hearts and will continue its support for years to come.

“Big Hearts to Little Hearts is so grateful for the continued support from Jacobs Demolition over the past 10 years. Because of their dedication to our cause, we have hit the one million dollar mark donating to C.H.O.P.’s cardiac center this year, funded medical research that is saving the lives of CHD patients around the world, and impacting our local community as well.

Jacobs Demolition has helped us raise funds to purchase AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) for local schools and recreation centers. We recently donated a new AED to  Manasquan’s recreation center. We host several events each year including a gala, golf outing, dodgeball competition, and an annual heart walk. We are so thankful for generous support from local businesses.”